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Unity Asset Store updates

We've recently been working hard to get our lateset game in a preview-able state, but it's been a ton of work! (Which is why this blog has been lumped together with the Go Go Gadgets update..) So, in the meanatime we've also released a new asset for the Unity Asset Store: The S.D.S.D.Ink Interactive System which is described as follows:

"Now your whole level can be moved around! Using physics, anything can be made grab-able, dragged, dropped, thrown and rotated! And, anything you desire to be interacted with can easily be done by just setting up a script with an 'Interact()' function. It really is that easy!"
Find S.D.S.D.Ink Interactive System V1.0 here:

Not only did we release a new asset, but we've also improved upon an existing one, our Go Go Gadgets Editor Tools. It's been revamped with many of the existing bugs having been removed. We've improved upon the scene manager to make things much smoother for additives, which means users don't have to worry about loading scenes and adding all their scenes again.
Plus We've added some new tools such as the selection randomizer which selects 50% of your selection at random, a component stripper, and more! 

We've also updated the Project manager so that screenshots are now taken from all scenes if game view is not the desired window to capture screenshots from.
Finally, we've taken the time to make an online documentation, and made a whole new PDF document; Both go in-depth  with how everything works and are very well organized.

Find Go Go Gadgets V2.1.0 here:

Thanks for taking interest and reading!


Devon Lively

- The Co-Founder of S.D.S.D.Ink.
-Spcializes in game design but has been developing websites for over a decade and has knowledge with php java and great user interfaces!

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